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Nail Stylist Takes Inspo From Famous Artists to Create Amazing Nail Designs

Nail Stylist Takes Inspo From Famous Artists to Create Amazing Nail Designs

Talented Nail Artist and LE Brand Ambassador, Hope Jung, has taken inspiration for her latest nail art from two famous Impressionist Painters to create an abstract re-creation of these impressive works of art. 

Inspired by the new shades, Hope uses the color palette from The Artist Spring 2022 P+/CG/GG collection by Light Elegance to create her artistic designs. 

Jung mentions, "When I first opened the spring collection, I was very inspired by the names. Bare Canvas, Wanna Watercolor? and especially Creative Chaos to mention a few. I really related to these names and felt like they were made for me as an artist."

The Artist meets the demands of Spring’s modern fashion trends—soft and neutral—while drawing inspiration from classic art masterpieces. 

With an advanced art background, Jung explains that "looking at these colors and glitters as a whole created a sense of calm like walking through an art museum. I have always been a fan of the painting styles of Wayne Thiebaud, Claude Monet and Van Gogh. The Spring 2022 color palette reminded me of their smooth and flowing brush strokes on canvas. The colors in this collection are very versatile and have amazing coverage. While the glitters accent them perfectly with fun pops of iridescent, pearls and textures."

The collection of new shades is perfect to complete any client’s look and fuel the creativity of any nail artist, too. Jung says "There are endless possibilities of what can be created with The Artist Collection. This collection is the perfect way to start off a new year with soft and sweet neutrals to unique and artistic glitters that are perfect for every artist.”

Claude Monet, a French painter, said to be one of the founders of the Impressionist movement, inspires Hope to create this look with his 'Water Lily' series. 


Create the look:

  1. Apply the LE Color Gel Pencils & Paint Brushes as your base color 
  2. Using your Gel Polish Brush, apply My Masterpiece Glitter Gel all over the nail. (For more depth, concentrate the larger pieces near the edges)
  3. Apply Super Shiny or encapsulate with JimmyGel for a smooth even surface. 
  4. Buff smooth
  5. With the Stripy Brush, sketch out your pattern with Primary White Gel Paint and don’t cure.
  6. Using your Block Brush, blend out the gel paint with cleanser for a soft, cloud-like pattern. 
  7. Taking the Stripy Brush, again add thin lines to emphasize the natural patterns formed from blending. 
  8. Finish with Super Shiny or Flat Matte Top Coat for an iridescent, opal effect. 


Also a French painter, but of the Post-Impressionist era, Paul Cézanne's Monte Sainte-Victoire inspires Hope to design with new nail techniques that create a fabulous result.

 Create the Look:

  1. Apply Take It Easel color gel for your neutral base. 
  2. Using your Block Brush, apply thick blocks of the LE Color Gels Bare Canvas, Pencils & Paintbrushes and Stroke of Genius randomly on the nail. 
  3. For a pop of color, add smaller sections of Do The Van Go-Go color gel. 
  4. With your Lil’ Fluff Brush, drag the colors down to blend. (Make sure to clean your brush between each motion)
  5. Using your Stripy Brush, pull thin lines of the individual colors for a more dramatic look. 
  6. Finish with Super Shiny or Flat Matte Top Coat for a more artistic effect.

 Discover more nail art inspiration from Hope @HopeJungNails on Instagram
You can also checkout the #LEArtist for nail art inspo! 

Learn more about the NEW Artist collection

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