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Jawbreaker Candy Nail Art Tutorial by LE Educator, Ashley Biasella

Jawbreaker Candy Nail Art Tutorial by LE Educator, Ashley Biasella

Talented Light Elegance Educator and Nail Stylist, Ashley Biasella of @badash_nails has designed yet another "candylicious" nail art look! 

Ashley has been inspired by the new "Candy Shop" Collection by LE to design another nail look that is unique for spring!

Each candied color of The Candy Shop collection has been carefully crafted by the LE Color Team as part of this complementary palette designed to make palates water and clients smile with delight.

Take a look at the Jawbreaker Candy video tutorial below and give this look a try with LE's new spring colors available now! Watch Now

Hear us out...🔥NEW TREND: Jawbreaker Candy Nails!
Here’s how to recreate the Jawbreaker Candy Nails by Ashley Biasella of @badash_nails using the NEW Candy Shop Collection #LECandyShop

🍬Candy Jar ButterCream
🍬Minty Fresh ButterCream
🍬Totally Taffy ButterCream
🍬Bon Bon ButterCream
🍬Lollipop ButterCream
🍬Just White ButterCream
🍬Flat Matte Top Coat
🍬Super Shiny Top Coat
🍬#1 Bling Stylus

Step by Steps💕
1. Apply Jelly Bean ButterCream over a base coat of Bon Bon ButterCream and cure
2. Apply Super Shiny Top Coat (do not cure) this will be used to blend the colors (apologies for the typo in the text overlays!)
3. Use a #1 Bling Stylus to apply Candy Jar, Totally Taffy, Minty Fresh, Lollipop and Just White ButterCream in various placements on the nail
4. Use a #6 Gel Polish Bling Brush to lightly tap and blend the colors
5. Once you are happy with your design, cure!
6. Finish with Flat Matte Top Coat, cure and cleanse

🍭LE is always HEMA Monomer Free, 9-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten-Free Order The Candy Shop Collection Now!

🍫Pick up your sweet, candy colors from The Candy Shop Collection at or contact your local LE Distributor and order now! 

Order The Candy Shop Collection Now!
Want to see all 12 brand-new shades in action? Check out the official reveal video below!
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