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Hyping Up Halloween in the Salon with LE Educator, Hope Jung | Halloween Nail Art Inspo

Hyping Up Halloween in the Salon with LE Educator, Hope Jung | Halloween Nail Art Inspo

With fall arriving soon and the Halloween season approaching quickly, we went to the best person we knew of to speak on the topic of celebrating Halloween in the salon! Talented Nail Professional and lover of all things spooky & Halloween, LE Educator, Hope Jung of @hopejungnails 

Wisconsin Nail Artist and LE Educator, Hope Jung, shares a passion for Halloween-themed nail art as many of you (and your clients) also do!
So we asked Hope for her best advice when it comes to planning for the spooky Halloween season and how to engage your clients in the fun! Plus, find some amazing inspiration ranging from cute and spooky, to goth & gory and everything in between! 

How do you market Halloween Nail Designs and make the most of the occasion in the salon?
"Since Halloween and fall in general, is a big part of my everyday life, a lot of my clients know to start looking at designs as soon as September. Some of them even start sending me inspiration in the beginning of July when they start seeing decor in stores!  

For those clients who don’t know me very well, I usually have some thing on my hands or jewelry that will navigate the conversation towards that time of year bringing up some interest for future designs themselves."

For clients reluctant to go all-in on the spooky nail art, have some examples of nail art with bright, festive colors that incorporates the Halloween-theme!

When do you start promoting Halloween nail designs?
"Since I am in a full-service nail salon, I run the social media and tend to start posting more of the fall Halloween nail designs in early September to get people to start thinking about what they want since the seasons will be starting to change here.

Every year for October, I usually do 13 days of Halloween, but this year I am planning on attempting to do 31 Days of Halloween Nails, which would involve my clients, mood boards, nail art tutorials etc. to get everybody ramped up and excited for a fun season."

Halloween nail art can even be as simple as incorporating festive color palettes! Pop some festive fun into your look with the use of purples, black, orange and greens!

Keep an eye out on Hope's Instagram @hopejungnails for inspo all October long!

Do you celebrate in any fun ways with your clients?
"Since I also read a lot and I'm a big fan of fantasy and dark romance books, a lot of that also fuels inspiration and mutual reading between clients to help come up with a set of book-ish themed nails that I can now stockpile for future use in October.” - Hope Jung

Between books, scary movies and spooky shows, there are so many fun ways to get inspired for the season and we cannot wait to see what you and your clients will come up with this year! 

The Fall season is also a great time of year to encourage upgrades to your services with special seasonal products (ButterBlings), nail art and even seasonal Glitter Gels. So don't forget to upsell your clients on some fun, seasonal looks!

Be sure to tag @lightelegancehq in all your spooky sets for a chance to be featured on our socials, and tag @hopejungnails so she can see how she has inspired you to celebrate the Halloween season! 

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