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How to Create a 3D Sweater Nail Design

How to Create a 3D Sweater Nail Design

Learn how to create an easy 3D Sweater Nail Design that is perfect for spicing up those fall and winter sets!

As the weather cools down and clients begin to plan their holiday and winter nail designs, it's the best time to get some extra practice on your trendy nail art techniques for the cooler months.

You cannot go wrong with a Sweater Nail, and simply adding this French Twist and 3D texture is just what you need to enhance a classic sweater nail look. 

3D Sweater Nail Design

Follow the steps below and learn how to perfect your 3D Sweater Nail Art!

1. Apply the color Flannel For One in 2 coats over the full nail

2. Using the shade Missing You Madly and an LE Stripy Brush, paint your French tip. Then top with Flat Matte Top Coat (this makes the perfect surface for nail art)

3. Mix Missing You Madly Color Gel with LE Clear Acrylic Powder for a thicker consistency and paint the first part of your sweater design (don’t cure) then sprinkle more acrylic powder over your design to create a 3D effect and cure

4. Brush off the excess acrylic powder then finish the rest of the design by repeating step 3

For an elevated look, choose an accent nail (or two) and create various sweater patterns using a complementary shade to cover the full nail. 

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Stunning design created by #LEBrandAmbassador @Carolina_Dimitras

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