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Create Realistic, Natural Looking Extensions with Lexy Line Builder Gels

Create Realistic, Natural Looking Extensions with Lexy Line Builder Gels

@DenasNails uses the NEW 10 ml Lexy Lines for a unique situation: a nail break. That's when having a smaller jar of Fiber gel from the Lexy Line can come in handy if it's not something you reach for often!

Here's how to fix a break and make it look like nothing ever happened, plus the products you'll need to make the perfect fix! 

Save 10% on the Natural Extension Bundle and get everything you need to create realistic extensions!

Most importantly, you'll need Natural Fiber, a medium to thick viscosity, self-leveling hard gel that contains 10% fiber glass to help make nail repairs and give your nail the extra strength it needs.

Natural is the perfect shade for creating a natural and realistic looking free edge.

Fiber is available in 10 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml to suit your needs whether you use it often, for the occasional fix or want to try it for the first time! 

Next, pick your preferred gel to create your structure. Be sure to consider the natural nail type, color preferences and viscosity you like to work with. The Lexy Line contains 5 different viscosities and several colors to suit the needs of your clients. 

In this video, Dena uses Cool Gel, a self-leveling, flexible builder gel that cures extremely cool. Perfect for people new to gel or extra sensitive to exothermic reactions.

Cool Gel is available in 10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml and 120 ml Backbar Refill Tube. You can also find it in the shade: Natural Pink if you'd like a soft kiss of pink. 

Wondering which Lexy Line is right for you? Learn more about each viscosity here.
You can also try each of the 5 Lexy Line viscosities and save when you shop the 10 ml Lexy Line Clear Starter Bundle

Now it's time to get forming that nail! It all starts with a nail form that will make your life easier. The all-new MAXForms from Light Elegance have a strong adhesive so they stay where you put them and as shown, the perforated tear line allows you to easily shorten the form. Printed relief cuts and shape guidelines also make extensions a breeze! 

Once you have a nail formed and cured (shop our LED lamps here), create a flawless finish and perfect your shaping with the 100/180 Finish Files. These thin, knife-shaped files make precise filing easy.

If you're looking to keep the hyper realistic nail aesthetic, Super Shiny Top Coat is essential for a long lasting glossy finish with stain resistant wear.

And voila! You have the perfect realistic, natural looking extensions with hard gel durability and long lasting wear! 

No matter what your clients are looking for, Light Elegance has a high-quality gel to suit the needs of your preferences and your client's desires.


Why is Light Elegance HEMA Free? While many brands use it for adhesion and lowering costs, we avoid it along with HEA and IBOA to drastically lower the risk of allergies. Small molecular sized monomers like HEMA are known to penetrate the skin more easily than our state-of-the-art formulations high in premium oligomers, cause irritation and often lead to nail allergies. 

At Light Elegance, we prioritize quality and safety. We manufacture products from scratch here in Redmond, Oregon with high-quality ingredients to minimize allergic responses for industry safety. We believe, What's Inside Matters!

Shop our HEMA Free Gel Nail Products today!
HEMA Free Builder Gels | HEMA Free Gel Polish | HEMA Free Gel Nails

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