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NAILPRO Magazine Shares the New MAXForm!

NAILPRO Magazine Shares the New MAXForm!

NAILPRO Magazine shares LE's latest innovation, the new MAXForm! 

"MAXForm Aluminum Foil Forms from Light Elegance make applying nail enhancements easier than ever" - NAILPRO Mag

MAXForm Aluminum Foil Forms from Light EleganceThe new MAXForm Aluminum Foil Forms from Light Elegance offer better stability and versatility and increases performance for creating enhancements of all kinds! 

Key benefits of MAXForm foils include:

    • No pinching needed
    • Printed relief cuts for custom fit
    • Retains shape for long extensions
    • Perforated tear line for sport length
    • Shape guidelines for easy reference
    • Numbered free edge for precise length
    • Better stability and strong adhesive tabs
    • Durable foundation for any enhancement
    • Perfect for all shapes, sizes and nail beds
    • Comes in a 300-count roll

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      With better stability, printed relief cuts and extra length, the versatile MAXForm is your new best friend in the salon. Shop the new MAXForm now!

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