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Light Elegance Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Lezlie McConnell Makes History | Women's History Month

Light Elegance Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Lezlie McConnell Makes History | Women's History Month

It's no doubt that Light Elegance Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Lezlie McConnell is a woman making history in the industry. For over 2 decades, Lezlie has thrived in an ever-growing industry, as an innovative leader, business woman and mentor to all.

Lezlie's recent highlight in NAILPRO Magazine as one of the "Inspiring Females in the Nail Industry" is well deserved amongst the many other accomplished and successful women in the industry that are also recognized.

This month, in honor of Women's History Month, we are proud to recognize Lezlie's many achievements and celebrate her incredible contributions to the nail industry.
Lezlie McConnell Co Founder and Co Owner of Light Elegance

Read Lezlie's interview with NAILPRO below:

What inspired you to join the professional nail industry?
"When I owned my salon gel nails were almost unheard of, acrylics dominated the market.  I felt the nail industry really needed an outstanding gel product. Gels back then were considered weak and could not hold up to an acrylic product.  I knew if I could introduce the nail world to a gel product that could compete with acrylics in durability without the odor I could really change and add a wonderful product to the nail world.  Thankfully, I was married to a polymer chemist and shared my idea with him and then asked if he could formulate me a gel that could do all the wonderful things I wanted and I knew could add huge benefits to the nail industry.  What an exciting project!  That is how Light Elegance was born.

How can women support other women in this industry?
"Help them believe in theirselves.  Women, especially in the nail industry [often] do not think of themselves as “businesswomen”.  One of the best ways you can lead, teach or become a role model is lead by example.  It is extremely important to help young and mature women to act professional and look professional."

What other key learnings and practices do you wish to share with other professionals?
"Work hard and have passion no matter what you do. Listen and watch leaders in your industry and other industries allowing them to guide you. Learn from other business leaders mistakes. Believe in yourself and be accountable for your decisions and actions and learn from the many mistakes you will make along the way. Love what you do!" - Lezlie McConnell

Read the full article by NAILPRO here

Successful Nail Influencer, Educator, Business Woman, dear friend to Lezlie and another one of NAILPRO Magazine's Women History Month Highlights, Celina Rydén even mentions Lezlie as a woman who has inspired her. 

Celina Ryden

"Tell me about another woman who has inspired you.
'I have to say Lezlie McConnell (co-owner and co-founder of Light Elegance). I have always admired her, both as a person but also as a businesswoman. She took me into the LE family around nine years ago, and she, together with Jim McConnell, has more or less become my American parents. I love to listen to her business advice and always take it to heart. She has done so much for both me and the industry, and I just love the passion she has for her business.'"
- NAILPRO Magazine

Read Celina's full interview here

This month, we are celebrating all women in this industry that we're all so passionate about. Let's encourage one another, support each other and elevate the industry together. We look forward to the future of the nail industry and together, we can continue to make a safer, stronger industry for nail professionals everywhere. 

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