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LE Educator, Ashley Biasella is Featured in SalonEvo Magazine | Bridal Nails

LE Educator, Ashley Biasella is Featured in SalonEvo Magazine | Bridal Nails

Talented Light Elegance Educator, Ashley Biasella, is featured in SalonEvo Magazine for her stunning Bridal Nail Artwork! 

It's no secret Ashley is a true artist, as her intricate and detailed bridal designs express this perfectly. 

As a Light Elegance Educator, Ashley has an extensive understanding of LE products and helps to elevate the industry by teaching advanced product knowledge, sharing innovative techniques and creating new trends. 

Connect with Ashley and get inspired by her work on social @badash_nails

Salon Evo Magazine - Ashley Biasella Bridal Nail Art
"When it comes to Bridal Beauty, it's all in the detail, from the hairstyle, right down to the nails. Ashley Ann Biasella (a.k.a. @badash_nails) is an Educator for Light Elegance and a well-known Nail Artist based in Tempe, Arizona. She shares her insight into Bridal Nail Trends and how you can create these stunning nails too!"
- Salon Evo Magazine

Follow the steps below and learn how to create this stunning design yourself! 

Get the Look:
1. I applied my structure with Baby Pink Extreme Lexy Line then I top coated with Flat Matte. Using my LE Block Brush and Primary White LE Gel Paint, I create my rose petal base with flat swiping motions. The trick is to almost not have enough color on your brush, you want it to be thinner and less opaque.

2. Next, I applied leaves in the same sweeping motion, only this time, I twist my brush and bring it to a point at the top of the leaf. I cured this and then add another coat of Flat Matte Top Coat. 

3. Using my LE Stripy Brush I then took my white gel paint and outline and highlight the rose petals and leaves. 

4. I then took my LE Swirly Brush and apply little lines and details next to the roses. It helps to look up lace appliques or dress textures for inspo! I also use my LE Bling Stylus #1 to apply some small dotted accents.

5. Lastly, I applied one final coat of Flat Matte Top Coat. You could wear this set using Super Shiny Top Coat as well and it will be so stunning, and sure to thrill any bride!

Give this classy bridal look a try and be sure to tag @badash_nails and @LightEleganceHQ when you do so we can see your beautiful work! 

Ashley Ann Biasella LE Educator

Interested in learning more nail techniques from Ashley? Join her 2-day LEU Bachelor's Degree training class in Phoenix Arizona this May!

May 1st & 2nd, 2022 

Take all four of the LEU core classes with Ashley including 101, 201, 301 & 401 to earn your LEU Bachelor's Degree. You will still need to take the test from home, but you'll have all the knowledge and techniques to pass with flying colors!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Sign up today and enhance your nail career with world-class education!

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