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How to Help Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury | eFiling and Proper Technique by Samantha Sweet in Scratch Magazine

How to Help Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury | eFiling and Proper Technique by Samantha Sweet in Scratch Magazine

In Scratch Magazine's latest October 2021 edition, Samantha Sweet from Sweet Squared, talks eFiling and how it can help prevent injury for Nail Professionals.

"Nail techs are renowned for being caring, kind and compassionate; trying to fit in as many clients as possible, which means that client care is often prioritized over tech health and comfort. But what would happen if you let the pain take over so much that you were unable to work? It's important to take the time to prevent and help cure any problems that may arise at the nail desk, and there are some common grievances shared amongst pros. 

Samantha Sweet, Co-Founder of Sweet Squared, shares that repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome may always be likely for techs due to the nature of the job. "Filing is the biggest culprit of carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as regular shaking of product bottles," she reveals. "E-files can help if used correctly, and I'd consider using an imix, which take the strain out of shaking so many bottles." - Samantha Sweet


The Light Elegance Zippy Gen2 eFile is available with training and can help reduce the pressure on the hands made through manual filing of enhancements. It's designed to complete a wide range of services and accommodate left handed nail pros.


Light Elegance Headquarters has recently launched their online Zippy eFile training, LE 317: Mastering the Zippy eFile, for all nail pros including students and beginners to seasoned nail pros and whether left or right handed! Learn More

Learn to master speedy services with the Zippy eFile! We'll cover everything from prep and fills to removal and finishing. Get to know each Z-Bit and its unique features along with Zippy product knowledge and perfecting your eFile techniques! Sign up today!

This online course includes 5 hands-on video assignments, over 20 informational videos, reference materials and an exclusive recording of a Zippy training given to LE Educators by Jim McConnell & Darcy Olin! ⁣⁣
Why enroll in LE 317?⁣⁣
✅ Enhance your eFile education⁣⁣
✅ Speed up your services (time is money!)⁣⁣
✅ Help prevent repetitive movement injuries⁣⁣
✅ Take on your own time, from anywhere in the world⁣⁣
✅ This course counts as credit towards your LEU Bachelor's Degree⁣⁣
✅ Includes hands-on assignments, personal feedback & informative videos⁣⁣

You will receive a Certificate of Completion and earn Light Elegance University credit for The LE 317:: Mastering the Zippy E-File Class.   

(For students pursuing the LEU Bachelor’s Degree, this class counts as one elective 300-level course credit and can be taken in place of the LE 301 course.) 

Enhance your eFiling skills and enroll in the online LE 317 Mastering the Zippy eFile class today!

Sweet Squared UK also has plans to launch their NEW eFiling education course soon, so stay tuned for official launch!

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