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What is Each LE Hand File For?

What is Each LE Hand File For?

Did you know that each LE Hand File has been specifically designed to suit nail pro’s needs for various nail services? Get to know each hand file by Light Elegance and discover which files will best suit your services!

Perfect Files
The ultimate file solution for flawless nail preparation and easy shaping.

With a dual 100/180 grit, these professional-grade files give you two files in one. The grit you need for perfect nail prep and refined shaping.

If you haven't tried the Perfect Files, order a sample here! 

Lexy Files
The premium, durable Lexy Files are designed to cut through hard gel with ease making both removal and shaping easier.

Lexy Files are available in two convenient grit combinations to match any tech’s technique. Choose from 100/180 grit or 180/240 grit

If you haven't tried the Lexy Files, order a sample! 100/180 or 180/240

Finish Files
Finish files make finish work on toes and small hands easier! These thin, wooden files have a knife shape that makes cuticle work in small or sensitive areas painless and precise. 

If you haven't tried the Finish Files, order a sample here! 

Foamie Files

180/280-grit Light Elegance Foamies are perfect for lightly buffing the natural nail before applying soak-off gel polish, nail art and for finish work.

If you haven't tried the Foamie Files, order a sample here! 

In this episode of LE Tutorials, find out the many uses for each of the incredibly handy😉 hand files from LE! Sample each of LE's hand files and save with the LE File Trial Bundle

Of course LE Hand Files are essential for many services, however, for those that prefer to save time and speed up their services when possible, check out the Zippy eFile Gen2 by Light Elegance featuring a compact & cordless design with an ultra light hand piece, digital display and completely smooth operation.

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