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Your Quick Guide to LE Bonding Agents | Fast, Effective Nail Prep & Better Adhesion

Your Quick Guide to LE Bonding Agents | Fast, Effective Nail Prep & Better Adhesion

Which LE Bonding Agent is right for your client? Here’s the basics⬇️

When it comes to adhesion, it is important to note that many brands use ingredients such as HEMA monomer because it is good for adhesion and cheap and is therefore popular among many manufacturers that choose price over quality.

However, we choose to formulate without ingredients such as HEMA, HEA, IBOA and other ingredients known to be more likely to create an allergic response and therefore proper prep and the use of a bonding agent is key to maintaining long lasting gel nails with LE!

Our bonding products are expertly formulated to provide the best adhesion for any and every LE service! LE Science is what makes us LE. #LEScience

Here’s your quick reference guide! ⬇️
VitaPrime - An acid based primer for the client who always lifts

AirBond - Dehydrates the nail plate, best for clammy hands/humid climates

Tack - Most versatile, acts as a double sided sticky tape. 

Powerbond - A bonding and base gel in one. Simply apply Powerbond to the natural nail or existing enhancement and skip straight to the color application!

Perfect for quick pedicures! Simply apply Powerbond, cure and apply your color directly on top.

P+ QDbase - Formulated to accelerate the soak-off for P+ Gel Polishes & JimmyGel in acetone while also providing adhesion to the natural nail.

To learn how to achieve proper prep with Light Elegance gels, see the video below! 

Plus, check out Jim's Chemist Corner series on Adhesion below! 

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