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Save 15% on Gel Brushes | Free 2-Day Shipping @ $99!*
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All About LE Brushes | Gel Application Brushes, Acrylic, Liner & Art Brushes and More!

All About LE Brushes | Gel Application Brushes, Acrylic, Liner & Art Brushes and More!

Light Elegance has a brush for every kind of gel application from smooth full coverage to detailed art work and everything in between! Learn more about each of our brushes and find the perfect brush for your desired application below. 

It all begins with your base! Our Bling Brushes are designed to make gel application easier. Learn about each one below and find special pro tips for each! 

*Pro Tips: The #6 Gel Polish Bling Brush has more bristles than the others, allowing you to pick up more gel as needed and pick up the perfect dollop of gel. 

The #4 Oval Bling Brush is great for applying gel to small fingers and toes!

The #4 Flat Bling Brush makes glitter gel application a breeze! The glitter is evenly distributed allowing for precise glitter placement opposed to a large dollop when working with a more oval shaped brush.

The Smile Line Bling Brush is great for nail art clean up! Perfect your straight lines and easily clean up any mistakes with the angles bristles. Also great for working on small pinky toes!

When working with builder gels, some pros prefer to work with a softer bristled brush and the #6 Kolinksy Brush is perfect for this technique! 


Light Elegance Nail Art Brushes are designed to make nail art in the salon breeze. Create beautiful designs with ease such as smooth, straight lines and tiny details to swirls and shapes of all kinds!

Get to know each of the LE Art Brushes, the possibilities are truly endless!

Block Brush Create marble designs, fill in shapes, or create 3D designs. (5mm)

Shorty A fine tipped brush perfect for creating small details with precision and complete control. You can also use it to create dots if you don't have your Bling Stylus handy. (3mm)

Swirly Also fine tipped, but the additional length allows for creating easy swirls and even perfecting gel application around the cuticle and sidewalls. (6mm)

Stripy Perfect for painting line work, a clean French, plaid, or outlines. (12mm)

*Pro Tip: Use a fine liner brush such as Stripy or Swirly to perfect your builder gel application along the sidewalls and cuticle area.

Our Acrylic Brushes feature non-synthetic, premium Kolinsky Bristles. The soft bristles allow for gentle application while the light weight and perfect balance make application for acrylic or gel a breeze! 

When it comes to choosing a Kolinsky brush, it's all about preference and how much acrylic liquid you want to use. The smaller #6 Kolinsky brush will be best for smaller sized nails while the #12 is best for long or wide nails.

Shop LE Brushes here and find a tool to suit every kind of service! You can also save 5% when you bundle our most popular brushes! Art Brush Bundle & Bling Brush Bundle

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