Visit LEHQ & Get Your LEU Bachelor's Degree - August 23 & 24, 2021

LEU Dean of Students, Darcy Olin, hosts an epic 2-day training August 23rd and 24th.!

Take all four of the LEU core classes including 101, 201, 301 & 401 to earn your LEU Bachelor's Degree. You will still need to take the test from home, but you'll have all the knowledge and techniques to pass with flying colors!

You'll get to meet the LE Family and get an inside look at our beautiful Redmond, OR facility.

The list of fun goes on, including:

✅  Included product kit valued at over $100

✅  Get 20% off during an exclusive shopping opportunity at the LEHQ Store

✅  Earn your LEU Bachelor's Degree in just 2 days (additional testing required)

✅  Work hands-on with LEU Dean of Students, Darcy Olin

✅  $385 price includes lunch both days

✅  Learn, laugh and elevate your career

✅  You may even get a surprise chemistry lesson with LE founder and head chemist,  Jim McConnell!

WHEN: August 23rd and 24th

WHERE: Light Elegance Headquarters, Redmond, OR

WHY: This is a can't-miss opportunity!

Collections: LEU COURSES