Spice UV/LED Glitter Gel Pack


This fall, styles are heating up with the all-new Spice Color & Glitter Gel collection by Light Elegance. Prepare your taste buds for exotic burnt oranges, rich browns, coppers and wines, all perfectly on-trend. Spice is inspired by the huge variety of enticing colors and textures found in spices from around the world. Combine them, and you get a fresh new palette that adds fun and flavor to any fall style.

Glitter Gel Pack: Fall 2020 (6) 17 ml Glitter Gels, Spice Collection


Includes ::

    • Feisty and Spicy Glitter Gel, 17 ml
    • Jive and Ginger Glitter Gel, 17 ml
    • Paprika Glitter Gel, 17 ml
    • Poppy Seed Glitter Gel, 17 ml
    • Shake Your Salt Shaker Glitter Gel, 17 ml
    • Smokin' Hot Pepper Glitter Gel, 17 ml

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Why LE Glitter Gels?

Packed with premium glitters and an award-winning formulation, LE Glitter Gels are the best, brightest and longest-lasting on the market. Turn heads and wow clients with every set!

✅ 100% HEMA-monomer FREE!

✅ Manufactured responsibly in Redmond, Oregon

✅ 4+ week wear

✅ Applies easily over Lexy Line Hard Gels, JimmyGel or Acrylic

✅ First-ever Glitter Gel formulation to ensure glitter stays suspended for NO mixing

✅ 4+ seasonal collections keep you on-trend 

✅ 100+ colors in 2020

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