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Pedicure Starter Bundle

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The Pedicure Starter Bundle is perfect for those looking to offer quick, hard gel pedicure services accompanied by our award-winning Q&Lu spa products!  

For a pedicure service, add your Q&Lu Salt Soak to a pedicure bath and soak as desired to soften cuticles and calluses.

Simply prep and shape the toe nails, apply Powerbond (a 2-in-1 bonder and base coat) and cure for 1 minute. Next, apply your ButterCream color gel or Glitter Gel of choice and cure as directed. Then finish with Super Shiny Top Coat, cure and cleanse for weeks of wear! 

Lastly, pamper your client with a relaxing massage using our hydrating Q&Lu Bamboo Lotion.

The Pedicure Starter Bundle includes the following: 15 ml Powerbond, 15 ml Super Shiny Top Coat, 1 Perfect File, 2 oz Q&Lu Bamboo Lotion and 14.1 oz Q&Lu Salt Soak