LEU Bachelor's Degree Full Program

Gain access to LE 101, LE 201, LE 301 and LE 401. Earn your LEU Bachelor's Degree with this complete package.

Upon completion, Bachelor's Degree Recipients Get 10% Off Everything for 1-Year at lightelegance.com!*

Shortly after the purchase of the complete package, you will be contacted by an LEU staff member with your class registration details.

View a sample of the video content from LEU below.

All students who pass the test and earn their Bachelor's Degree receive a personalized, engraved plaque as commemoration of their achievement to display in their salon.The plaque is provided by Light Elegance free-of-charge to the student. Students will also receive individual paper certificates for completing each course. 

*For students in the U.S. only.

**Light Elegance products are required for completion of the LEU program and can be purchased separately in our LEU Student Kits or individually. New to the Light Elegance brand, ask us for samples!

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