LEU 301 Student Kit

This kit contains the incredible art supplies that you will need to master the designs and techniques presented in the LEU 301 course. We've bundled these at a huge discount solely for students enrolled in the LEU program. While we've included the LE Gel Paints, Color Gels and Glitter Gels as well as our signature Striping Brush, you'll need to be sure you have the basics. Contact us with any questions, and enjoy!

LEU 301 Student Kit Includes Stripy Art Brush

  • Stripy Art Brush
  • Pastel Yellow LE Gel Paint, 6 ml
  • Primary Black LE Gel Paint, 6 ml
  • Pastel Pink LE Gel Paint, 6 ml
  • Smoothie Glitter Gel, 17 ml
  • Marshmallow Color Gel, 17 ml
  • Cherry Cordial Color Gel, 17 ml
  • Pink Peppermint Color Gel, 17 ml
  • Control Freak Color Gel, 17 ml
  • Champagne Glitter Gel, 17 ml
  • Ideal White Lexy Line UV/LED Gel, 8 ml