LE 317 :: Mastering the Zippy E-file :: July 19, 2021 :: Redmond, OR

Spend the day learning with LEU Dean of Students, Darcy Olin!

Learn to master speedy services with the Zippy e-File! We'll cover everything from prep and fills to removal and finishing. Get to know each Z-Bit and its unique features along with Zippy product knowledge and perfecting your e-File techniques!

Date :: 7/19/2021

Time :: 8:30am  - 5:00 pm

Cost :: $300  -  includes lunch & product kit containing over $235 in premium Z-bits*

Tickets are non-refundable.

*We have product kits available for either left hand or right hand usage. Please contact Light Elegance upon class registration to let us know what type of kit you will need.  800-275-5596. 

Location :: Light Elegance Headquarters
                  406 SW Umatilla Ave.
                 Redmond, OR 97756

For this class, students are required to arrive with 1 nail bare and clear of all product, 2 nails with 2-4 weeks grow out of product with gel color and 2 fully enhanced nails not finish filed on non-dominant hand so you can properly participate in the hands-on portion of the class.

 Practice hands are not accepted for use in this class.

Students are required to bring an e-file (can be any e-file) to class.  A disinfection container, disinfectant and gloves are recommended but not required.

Class Description :: 

The LE 317::  Mastering the Zippy E-file Class is an elective class using the latest in e-file technology and is designed to be understandable to students who are familiar as well as unfamiliar with e-file fundamentals. This class is a combination of demonstration and hands-on work.  Students will leave the Mastering the Zippy Class with all the knowledge and skills required to expertly perform prep of natural nail, prep for nail enhancements, prep for fill and rebalance, removal of gel color, de-bulking of product, finish filing of product and gentle exfoliation of dead skin using an e-file, while preserving and protecting the integrity of the client’s skin and natural nail plate. 

This class will also go over maintaining the power station of the Zippy, proper use of the bits, as well as proper sanitation and disinfecting procedures for bits.  Proper use of an e-file can be essential for saving time on nail services, maximizing adhesion of nail enhancements and protecting the nail professional from repetitive movement injury.  The Light Elegance Zippy is a professional cordless electric file, designed for use by professional nail technicians. It is designed for use on natural nails, pedicures, nail enhancements such as acrylic nails, wraps and gels of all sorts. Light Elegance takes pride in offering premium bits manufactured in the USA. 

 Troubleshooting and one-on-one help will be provided by the LEU Educator.  All bits needed to perform the skills being taught in the Mastering the Zippy Class, will be included in the kit provided to use in class and will be yours to keep.  

 Contact Light Elegance for additional class information or with any questions you may have at 800-275-5596.

 This course is an all-day class to include instruction and hands-on participation.

 You will receive a Certificate of Completion and earn Light Elegance University credit for The LE 317:: Mastering the Zippy E-File Class.   

(For students pursuing the LEU Bachelor’s Degree, this class counts as one elective 300-level course credit and can be taken in place of the LE 301 course.)