LE 313:: Mastering JimmyGel :: October 16, 2021 :: Orlando, FL

Spend the day learning with Light Elegance Dean of Students, Darcy Olin, the day before the Premiere Orlando show!

Date :: 10/16/2021

Time :: 8:30am - 5pm

Cost :: $195.00  -  includes lunch and product kit*
Tickets are non-refundable.

Location :: Crowne Plaza Hotel
                  7800 Universal Blvd.
                  Orlando, FL 32819

 * You will be required to bring a curing lamp, desk lamp and extension cord.  Additional details will be provided to you upon class signup.

Please come to class with a practice hand or 1 hand free of nail enhancements so you can work on your own hand.
Contact Light Elegance for additional class information or with any questions you may have at 800-275-5596.

Class Description :: 

Learn how JimmyGel and P+ Gel Polish will revolutionize your gel polish services and change your expectations for how long a gel polish service can last.                           LE 313: Mastering JimmyGel is an elective class that is designed to be approachable and useful for LE newbies as well as seasoned LE users that have already completed other LEU courses but would like to further their knowledge and skillset.

You will leave the LE 313: Mastering JimmyGel course with all the skills required to create long-lasting, beautiful, soakable manicures and extensions using the very versatile family of JimmyGel shades and stunning color and glitter of P+ Gel Polish, all while saving time on every service.

The class will be a combination of demonstration and hands-on work. Darcy  will
introduce you to the JimmyGel family of shades and all the ways it can be used to create strong nails, whether natural nail overlays or nails of various lengths and shapes using forms.
The new P+ Gel Polish, P+ Glitter Gel and P+ Top coat will then be demonstrated to show the easy, beautiful application for opaque color without adding thickness to the nail.

Darcy will expertly instruct you on the little things that separate a good nail from a truly  great one, and you will have the chance to practice them all hands-on.

Proper maintenance and removal of JimmyGel and P+ Gel Polish will also be covered for fills and complete product removal. You’ll also get to see how JimmyGel can be used under Light Elegance hard gels—including Lexy Line, Glitter Gels, Color Gels & ButterCreams—to provide a soak-off base that allows hard gels to be used with the option for complete product removal using acetone.

Troubleshooting and one-on-one help will be provided by Darcy and Light Elegance
will provide all of the products you will need to work with including a product kit that you get to take home with you. You will be required to bring a curing lamp, desk lamp and extension cord.

For students pursuing the LEU Bachelor’s Degree, LE 313 counts as one elective 300-level course credit and can be taken in place of the LE 301 course.

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the class.