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ONLINE COURSE - LE 201 | Professional Shaping & Extensions

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Purchase your ticket to the LE 201 Online Course by adding this item to your cart and following the normal checkout process.*

Shortly after the purchase of this course, you will be contacted by an LEU staff member with your class registration details. Available to students or licensed professionals. Current enrollment documentation or license required to process the order.

*Online Course Only, No Products Included

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You've taken LE 101 and are familiar with the Light Elegance Product line. Now it's time to take it up a notch and learn to shape and extend nails beautifully, quickly and profitably. The LE 201: Professional Shaping & Extensions course covers popular nail shapes and the LE recommended techniques for each shape. For nail shapes that require extending the nail, the LEU educator will demonstrate extending the nail using both forms and tips. 

From proper nail prep, customizing forms and building structure, to shaping various nail shapes, you will see demonstrations that are imperative for learning how to perfect your services in the salon. In this course, you will even learn how to paint a perfectly balanced, deep French.

Prior to taking this class, you will need to purchase materials that will be used during the duration of the course because unlike the 101 course, the 201 course is hands on.

To make it easy for you to have all of the products used throughout the program, we have put together product kits, available only to LEU students, at a deeply discounted price. Kits can be purchased on the Light Elegance website.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion, will earn Light Elegance University credit for LE 201 and will be another step closer to earning your LEU Bachelor's Degree!

*Light Elegance products are required for completion of the LEU program and can be purchased separately in our LEU Student Kits or individually. New to the Light Elegance brand, ask us for samples!