Khakis and Cameras UV/LED Color Gel

This creamy, soft neutral is the perfect khaki grey. It’s an extremely light grey with a subtle tan undertone. This unique tone is a must-have for neutral lovers and minimalist styles.

Khakis and Cameras, UV/LED Color Gel, 17 ml

Coverage: Opaque

 Fall nail art designs


1. Start with a base of Khakis and Cameras⁣

2. Place random drops of Grazing the Grasslands and Road to Zanzibar (do not cure)⁣

3. Take a thicker brush and dab the colors lightly, but do not completely blend (just enough to add texture) then cure⁣

4. Use Graceful Gazelle to add "burnt edges" to the map, cure

⁣5. Use Black Gel Paint to create the darker burned edges but leave some of the color underneath peaking out, cure⁣

6. Roughly add black spots and lightly blend them with your brush to add an aged look to the map, cure⁣

7. Use Graceful Gazelle to add the design to the center of your map, cure ⁣

8. Add Flat Matte to prepare for painting the tiny details of the map ⁣

9. Use the Black Gel Paint to add fine details, writing and designs to your map. Use light pressure so it looks faded and not too harsh. Cure. ⁣

10. Finish with Flat Matte or Super Shiny

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