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All About JimmyGel Builder Gel in a Bottle | Why You'll Fall in Love

All About JimmyGel Builder Gel in a Bottle | Why You'll Fall in Love

It's time you get to know JimmyGel even better! Our fabulous Builder Gel in a Bottle is a must-have for every nail pro due to its versatility, long lasting wear and soak-off capabilities! 

Whether you are creating quick manicures, structured overlays or extensions, JimmyGel has a place in your salon's collection.

The JimmyGel formulation is completely unique in that it offers flexibility and additional strength to the nail, yet it has the ability to soak off while also being able to work with hard gels. This makes it one-of-a-kind! 

JimmyGel is great for clients who need additional support for their natural nails but, desire the durability of hard gel and ability to soak off their enhancement if needed.

JimmyGel can be used alongside our Lexy Line and with any LE color gel products from P+ Gel Polish & ButterCreams to Glitter Gels or LE Gel Paints! 

Check out our JimmyGel Education playlist on the LE YouTube channel for in-depth tutorials and more!

JimmyGel currently comes in 5 shades: Crystal Clear, Natural, Boomer White, Ideal Pink and Soft Pink. Take a closer look and get to know each shade below! 

Natural JimmyGel is quite frankly an underrated shade for those neutral and natural nail loving girlies. Create a gorgeous natural manicure with this neutral buff shade that is perfectly balanced between warm and cool tones. 

Don't forget about this shade for your Man-icures too!

Ideal Pink is our most popular JimmyGel shade as it is so versatile and wearable for a variety of clients. It's a semi-opaque, neutral pink shade that finds the perfect balance of pink with a warm neutral undertone. 

Soft Pink is a light, delicate semi-transparent pink perfect for clients who want a subtle kiss of pink with a cooler undertone.

Boomer White is a gorgeous milky white with buildable coverage. Perfect for baby boomers or milk nails, this transparent soft white is delicate and classy.

JimmyGel has a color for every for client and with even more shades on the way, JimmyGel is a completely versatile product. 

Check out this JimmyGel rebalance by Nail Artist and Influential Nail Professional, Dena Ardestani of @denasnails.

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