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NEW Out of This World Collection | Summer 2024

NEW Out of This World Collection | Summer 2024

This summer, immerse yourself in a spectrum of colors that transcend the ordinary. From flashy sparkles to bold hues, the "Out of This World" Collection embodies the futuristic essence of summer. Shop Now

This dazzling collection takes inspiration from futuristic colors and fashion trends, promising to transport nail enthusiasts to a cosmic realm of style and sophistication. Shop Now

Elevate your nail art with a celestial touch. Our collection introduces an array of galactic Glitter Gels that sparkle and shine, perfectly capturing the essence of another world.

Out of This World Photoshoot Nails by #LEEducator @badash_nails

Drawing inspiration from futuristic fashion, the collection embraces avant-garde elements, allowing nail professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

Find inspiration, color combinations and nail art looks featuring Out of This World on the @LightEleganceHQ social channels! 

"We are excited to introduce the 'Out of This World' Collection, a cosmic fusion of futuristic colors and glitters that reflect the bold spirit of summer. This collection is an invitation to break free from the ordinary and embrace a style that is truly out of this world,” – Lezlie McConnell

 Shop the new Out of This World Collection here!

Blast off with L&L to a galaxy of galactic glitters and cosmic colors! Watch the official reveal for an outer worldly experience!

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