Summer 2015 Art #3 Courtesy of Monai, Belgium


  1. After building, filing and buffing the nail: Apply a thin coat of LE Share The Sugar on 1/3th of the Nail, without curing add LE Lime of the Party on the opposite direction of the nail (do not cure) and apply White Swimsuit in the center.  Before curing use the Gel Polish Brush and gently (without applying to much pressure, go from left to right and blend in the colors togheter.  Cure for 2 minutes in UV light or for 30 seconds in LED light and if neccesairy repeat again.
  2. Using the LE Gel Paint Black make a handpaintend lace/mandala ‘look’.  If you want to make you design very thin, you can mix a part of Black Tie color gel with some LE cleanser (on a pallet) and use this for design.

products used in this design