Pink & Yellow Stripe


  1. Begin with a Light Elegance Natural Nail Overlay. See an example of an overlay here.

  2. On all fingers other than the ring finger, apply a thin coat (thinner than a sheet of paper) of Neon Yellow Gel Paint. Cure for 2 minutes in UV light.

  3. Repeat previous step for a second coat. Cure in UV Light for 2 minutes.

  4. On the ring fingers, apply two thin coats of Neon Pink Gel Paint, curing each coat 2 minutes.

  5. Using a striping brush, draw a "V" on each nail (pink on yellow and yellow on pink) starting in one corner of the nail. Alternate corners of the nail for a more dramatic effect. Then draw a line across the "V" and for cure 2 minutes.

  6. Apply Super Shiny over the entire nail. Cure for 2 minutes in UV light or for 1 minute in LED light.

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