Meet the LEDPlus+

Now shipping, the LEDPlus+ UV/LED lamp has been co-developed by Jim McConnell and incorporates the latest dual-wavelength LED technologies. The result is a small, reliable LED lamp that cures gels formulated both for UV (365 nm) and visible (405 nm) wavelengths.

LEDPlus+ Features

  • 30 Watts of dual-wavelength LED curing power.
  • Cures all Light Elegance gels and most gels on the market today.
  • Hard gel mode starts on low power to reduce heat spike with thicker gel applications when building and extending a nail.
  • 30, 60 & 120 Second (Hard Gel) modes.
  • Cute, compact and complete with Round Bottom Flask and LE Pink hand rest for client comfort.
  • 24 LED bulbs combine with a highly reflective interior and base plate for more complete curing in a larger portion of the LEDPlus+ lamp (not pictured).
  • Auto hand sensor can start lamp directly.

LEDPlus+ Dual Wavelength LED Lamp, 110V US Version

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