LEU Bachelor's Degree - 2 Day Course :: Dieppe, NB, Canada :: May 8 & 9, 2019

Spend 2 days learning with Light Elegance Dean of Students, Darcy Olin!

Class :: LEU Bachelor's Degree ::  LE 101, LE 201, LE 301 and LE 401

Dates :: May 8 & 9, 2019

Time :: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM  each day

Location :: Holiday Inn Express Dieppe
425 Boulevard Adelard Savoie, Dieppe, NB E1A 7E6, Canada

Cost :: $350 CAD + tax    2 day course includes product kit and lunch each day

Sign up :: Click the link below or copy/paste it into your web browser to sign up for this 2 day course: 



This training will be given in English (cours en anglais)

LE 101 :: The Light Elegance Total Tour
The Light Elegance Total Tour is a demonstration class that will take you through an in depth journey of the entire Light Elegance product line using the Light Elegance Catalog. You won’t just see the products, you will learn when to use them, in what combination and why. We’ll also talk about the intricate chemistry of several products so you will know exactly what to do as a quality nail professional. These are the tools of your trade and you must know how to use them perfectly and professionally. 
The second section of this class Darcy will thoroughly demonstrate the products so you can ask questions as each step is happening. You’ll learn the Light Elegance way to prep a nail, how to manage self-leveling gels and how to remove gel if too much product is applied—all the basic and essential “1-2-3’s” a nail tech needs to know. 
The Light Elegance Total Tour becomes your solid foundation to a successful career. You will leave this class knowing how versatile the Light Elegance product line is and how to be successful with it. 

LE 201 :: Professional Shaping & Extensions
The Professional Shaping & Extensions course covers popular nail shapes and the LE recommended techniques for each shape. For nail shapes that require extending the nail, the LEU Educator will demonstrate extending the nail using both forms and tips. The LE 201 class is “hands on” so be prepared to dive in, have fun and finish the class with a newfound confidence for creating fabulous nail extensions.
Come to class with 1 hand free of product on your nails or a practice hand to work on.
You will also need to bring a curing lamp (either UV or LED), a table light and an extension cord.
You will be provided with a product kit you get to use in class and keep. 

LE 301 :: Let’s Get Colorful & Play Art Class
Featuring the latest and greatest in Light Elegance nail art - Fast, fun and simple is the name of the game for techs looking to increase the value of their services. And the simple designs taught in this class will have you doing just that. You’ll get an introduction to the amazing LE Gel Paints and, of course, learn some tricks with LE Glitter Gels. 
This class is designed to have your clients wearing the latest, flashiest, most attractive nail art. Darcy will maximize the fun, be creative and show the trendiest designs for you to “wow” your clients with.

Students are requested to bring nail art brushes to class.

LE 401 :: Senior Seminar & Evaluation
After taking LE 101, LE 201 and LE301 classes, you are ready for the big dance. The LE 401 Senior Seminar is for advanced students who are well versed in the LE product line, can produce a consistently shaped and extended nail and are serious about furthering their career and technical ability. 
During this hands-on class, you will work closely with Darcy to troubleshoot problems, share innovative techniques and produce finished nails of world-class quality.

With the completion of LE 401, you are ready for the final exam and are only one step away from earning your LEU Bachelor’s Degree! Darcy will give you all the details at the end of the class.

Come to class with 1 hand free of product on your nails or a practice hand to work on.
You will also need to bring a curing lamp (either UV or LED), a table light and an extension cord.

You will receive certificates for each course.


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