French Mermaid Nail Art


  1. Cleanse, prep and apply Airbond (No need for cure), Tack or Powerbond. (Cure for 2 minutes in UV light or for 30 seconds in LED light.). 

  2. Apply one thin coat of Blue Gel Paint (found in the Gel Paint Set) for the French. Cure 2 minutes.

  3. With a striping brush, draw a line of Peacock Glitter Gel on the smile line. Do not cure.

  4. Next to the Peacock Glitter Gel, draw a line of Brilliant Blue Glitter Gel. Do not cure.

  5. On the free edge side of the Brilliant Blue Glitter Gel draw a line of Pure Purple Glitter Gel. Cure 2 minutes.

  6. Using Moon Glitter Gel, start at the smile line and drag down into the nail bed toward the cuticle. Do not cure.

  7. Drop a few Moon Crystals into the moon glitter gel and place Iridescent Sequins Dry Mylar into the gel on the ring fingers. Cure for 2 minutes.

  8. Coat the entire nail with 1-Step, and cure for 2 minutes. If no finish work is needed, simply cleanse and you’re done

  9. If finish work is needed, cleanse sticky residue, file, shape and cleanse again. Apply Super Shiny over the entire nail. Cure for 2 minutes in UV light or 1 minute in LED light.

Products Used In This Design