Disco Tiger Nail Art


  1. Begin with a base coat of Light Elegance 1-Step.

  2. Apply a light coat of Beauty School Dropout on the left and right sides.

  3. After you’ve wiped your brush, apply a coat of Teeter Totter down the middle.

  4. Using a #4 oval brush, slightly fade the two colors together.

  5. After cleaning your brush again, apply Disco Glitter Gel down the center of the nail.

  6. Finish with a nice, thin coat of Light Elegance Super Shiny from cuticle to free edge. Cure for two minutes in UV light or 1 minute in LED light. Remove sticky residue with Light Elegance Cleanser. Apply cuticle oil.

Original step-by-step courtesy of Nails Magazine with art by LE Master Educator Jayne Berger. Check out more pictures at Nailsmag.com

Products Used In This Design

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