Chevron French


  1. Cleanse, prep and apply Airbond (No need for cure), Tack or Powerbond. (Cure for 2 minutes in UV light or for 30 seconds in LED light.) depending on your client's nail type.

  2. Apply one coat of Cosmetic Pink Builder (keeping it thin at the free edge and cuticle). Cure for 2 minutes and work on the other hand in the meantime.

  3. Cleanse, file and shape, cleanse again (You will have another chance to do some finish work — Just make sure the Cosmetic Pink Builder is thin at the cuticle and free edge with enough product in the stress area).

  4. Using a striping brush, draw on your Perfect White at the free edge in two lines meeting in the middle to create your chevron. Cure for 2 minutes in UV light.

  5. Repeat with the Diamond Glitter Gel inside the pink chevron. Draw two lines meeting in the middle to create your chevron smile line. Cure for 2 min.

  6. Coat the entire nail with 1-Step. Cure for 2 minutes. Cleanse.

  7. Only if additional finish work is needed  ::  Cleanse and file, cleanse again, and apply Super Shiny. Cure for 2 minute in UV light or 1 minute in LED light. Cleanse the Super Shiny and enjoy!

original art by Light Elegance Educator Cassie Fero

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