What's Happening, Captain? ButterCream Color Gel


What's Happening, Captain? ButterCream Color Gel, 5.5 ml

A light carnation coral with fabulous coverage. This soft coral sits on a white background which makes it sweet and gentle color for summer. 

Coverage: Opaque

Effect: Flat/Cream

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LE ButterCreams combine gorgeous one-coat coverage, thin application and the ability to create detailed line artwork all in one 5 ml jar.

✅ 100% HEMA-monomer FREE!

✅ Manufactured responsibly in Redmond, Oregon

✅ 4+ week wear

✅ One-coat coverage for faster services

✅ Comprehensive color selection containing everything from classic nudes and neutrals to trendy, neon colors perfect to match your client

✅ Thin application makes color removal fast and easy using a hand or eFile for effortless fills

✅ Apply ButterCream to a fully structured nail

✅ 96+ colors in 2020

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