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Save 30% on 250+ Shades! | Free 2-Day Shipping @ $99!*

ButterBling Color Gel

Why ButterBlings? 

  • ButterBlings are an easy luxury upsell in the salon. Adding even a small amount of ButterBling results in an incredible amount of dazzling sparkle that clients will gladly add to their service.
  • ButterBlings are richer, bolder and brighter than other color gels on the market due to the high concentrations of expensive, luxury pigments and glitters and advanced LE formulations.
  • ButterBlings contain no heavy metals and only cosmetic-grade materials.
  • Due to the carefully-formulated glitter concentrations, ButterBlings apply easily in one thin coat for over 40 services per 5 ml jar.
  • Like all Light Elegance gels, ButterBlings are formulated responsibly in Oregon, are HEMA-free, vegan, cruelty-free and 9-free to be the safest enhancement option for clients and nail professionals.
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    Black Opal ButterBling

    Original Price $24.95
    Current Price $17.47

    Black Opal ButterBling Color Gel, 5.5 ml. A true holographic glitter with gorgeous ButterCream coverage and application. The fine glitter when com...

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    Original Price $24.95
    Current Price $17.47
    Save 30%