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The all-new Light Elegance Brush Case makes organizing application brushes easy and a whole lot more convenient. With enough room to fit all of your application brushes, Bling Styluses and implements, the LE Brush Case is your all-in-one organizer for the salon and the road.  Durable construction and quality materials protect your tools during travel, and the case stands up for easy access and a professional appearance on the nail table. Save time and stress on every service! Dimensions (closed): 6.25” W x 9.25” H x 1.25” D
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 NEW LE Brush Case

With room to hold up to 14 bits—including the 3 original and 6 all-new LE Z-bits—the Light Elegance Z-Bit case is an organizer’s dream come true. The transparent casing lets you pick out the bit you need even with the case closed and snaps shut for secure travel and storage. Never lose a bit again with the LE Z-Bit Case! Dimensions (closed): 4” W x 3” H x 0.5” D
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NEW LE Z-Bit Case & Organizer


Light Elegance made salon services everywhere just that much faster with the introduction of the Zippy e-File and original Z-Bits, and we couldn’t be prouder to announce 6 new Z-Bits designed to complete a wide range of services and accommodate our left-handed nail pros better. From prep to pedicures to perfecting smile lines, there is a new Z-Bit perfect for every service and nail professional’s application preference! Quality stainless-steel, diamond and carbide materials make every Z-Bit reliable, long-lasting and simply a joy to work with. Shop Z-Bits

Itty Bitty Bit 
This long, slender diamond bit both lightly preps the nail surface, while gently removing cuticle tissue from the nail plate, in very hard to reach corners and along sidewalls. Itty Bitty Bit is a perfect dry manicure bit!  
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Buffy Bit
The medium diamond bit is the best tool for gently “buffing” or exfoliating callused skin around the corner of the free edge. Buffy can also used to exfoliate dead skin that has been pushed up and off of the nail plate. (Not to be used on the nail plate).
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Cutie Patootie
This tapered, medium diamond bit works very well for gently removing thick and excess cuticle tissue around the proximal nail fold, that is raised from the nail plate during the prep process. The smaller barrel of Cutie Patootie allows for more visibility around the nail and bit.
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The Shaper
The small diamond crosscut barrel bit is perfect for trimming length and getting close to a finished nail shape, as the first step in prepping for a fill. Its unique cross-cut pattern allows for debris to escape and not load up as quick as smooth barrels do. The Shaper is also great for light finish filing over the surface of products, to refine the shape of the nails.
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Pedi Betty
This bit works perfectly for our Q&Lu Dry Pedicure Service!  The large, round, tapered barrel of Pedi Betty removes dry skin and reduces calluses gently. The holes around the bit reduce heat, providing a cooler exfoliating experience for your clients.
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Lefty Lu (Left-handed Z-Bit)
A stainless steel shaft and pedestal increase stability and enhance performance for left-handed nail professionals. The large carbide barrel bit is used for fast cutting with a smooth finish. Use to thin out product, reduce thickness, shape acrylic or hard gel, carve out smile lines or remove lifting pockets. Medium abrasiveness.
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Darcy Olin, LEU Dean of Students and LE Corporate Educator, says this release is the latest result of the company’s commitment to offering nail professionals with top-quality, versatile and innovative products. 

“Us nail professionals are always excited to get something new, and we’re even more excited when something new makes life easier and more organized in the salon. That’s just what we’ve accomplished here with the addition of the new Z-Bits, Z-Bit Case and LE Brush case to the Light Elegance lineup” said Darcy. “I had so much fun collaborating with Jim McConnell in developing this launch, and each item has been selected with the nail professional at heart. You will be amazed just how much time you will save using the new bits and elevating your organization with the new cases. And it never hurts to look organized and professional in the salon!” - Darcy Olin, Light Elegance University Dean of Students


About Light Elegance

 Light Elegance (LE) is a Redmond, Oregon-based developer and manufacturer of professional-grade UV and LED gel nail products, acrylic nail systems and related accessories. LE nail products are odorless, easy to apply and can be used with both full-sets and fills. In addition to its vast inventory of color gels, glitter gels and paints, LE also offers a wide range of non-yellowing products that can be applied to gels, acrylics, wraps and natural nails.

Founded in 1999 by luxury salon owner Lezlie McConnell and her polymer chemist husband, Jim, LE was established on the principles of chemistry, quality and community—tenets that remain paramount as the company moves into the next generation of leadership with daughter, Lexy, and son-in-law, Joseph.

In-house R&D at our Oregon-based facility means we create everything from scratch. The result? Responsible products that are vegan, cruelty-free, 9-free and HEMA-free that make you free to express your creativity and wow your clients. We believe that what’s inside matters.

To learn more about LE or to shop the catalog, visit

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