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How to Get Started With LE | Your Guide to the Full LE Product Line - Bonding & Finishing, Structure Gels, Color Gel Products and More!

How to Get Started With LE | Your Guide to the Full LE Product Line - Bonding & Finishing, Structure Gels, Color Gel Products and More!

When just starting out as a Nail Professional, it's important to invest in products from a brand that you know you can trust and use long term!

Choose the best chemistry, better adhesion, best education, better wear and best products  choose LE! 

Upgrade your services and elevate your business with LE! The brand that responsibly manufactures each gel product from scratch in the USA to create safe formulations that are HEMA Monomer Free, 9-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten-Free! 

When starting with LE, the product line can seem a bit overwhelming, but soon you will find that there is a reason for each of the various products!

Here's our guide to help you choose the best LE products to invest in for the services you provide! Get to know everything from bonding and finishing, structure gels, color, decoration and more!

You first need to ask yourself, what kind of services are you performing?

Natural Nails: Shorter lengths - JimmyGel with P+ Gel Polish

Active: Busy lifestyle or physical career – Lexy Line Extreme or 1-Step for durability with ButterCream

Career Driven: Classic, elegant nails – JimmyGel with ButterCream or P+ Gel Polish

Glamorous: XL length, nail art – Lexy Line Builder, 1-Step, Extreme or Fiber with choice of color formula

Man-icures: Adding strength or quick overlays- JimmyGel or QDbase with P+ Gel Polish

Next, find out which LE Base Coat suits your client?
Tack – UV/LED Cured Bonding Agent. Most versatile and works with most client nail types

Airbond – Air Drying Bonding Agent. Great for using underneath Tack for clients with clammy or sweaty hands

Vitaprime – Vitamin-Infused Acid Based Primer. Use underneath Tack for clients with consistent lifting

Powerbond – Acid-Free, Hard Gel Bonder Base Coat with great adhesion. Great for most nail types nails and toes

P+ QDbase – "Quick Detaching" Soakable Base Coat. Use for clients who soak-off only and speed up the soak-off process

Now that you have a brief overview of the products to use for each kind of client and you've established which bonding agent to use. It's time to pick a structure gel!

Which Structure Gel is right for my client?
Lexy Line (Hard Gels) – Long-wear durability or adding length

Builder – Perfect for building a completely new set of extensions or for a nail pro new to working with gel, great for most client nail types, non self-leveling viscosity.

Extreme – Most versatile and durable with balanced flexibility and medium viscosity. Great overlays or building extensions.

1-Step – For nail pros who like to work fast with a self-leveling gel. Great for a quick all-in-one service when you are limited on time. Note: 1-Step can be too hard for clients with thin or brittle nails.

Cool Gel - Best for clients with sensitive nail beds because of it's extra cool curing abilities. Quick self-leveling gel.

Fiber – For clients who wear extra long extensions and also great for nail repairs. Extremely durable and self-leveling

The Lexy Line gels are available in a variety of shades to suit your client's desires. Shop the Lexy Line now!

JimmyGel (Soakable Builder Gel in a Bottle) – Natural Nails with soak-off ability. Best for strengthening natural nails and creating structured manicures or for anyone who prefers to have the soak-off ability! JimmyGel is available in 6 shades to suit the needs of every client.

Now that your structure is complete, it's time to pick your choice of decoration!

LE carries three main product categories for color and decoration: P+ Gel Polish, ButterCreams and LE Color/Glitter Gels.

Here's the basics of what you should know about each.
P+ Color and Glitter Gel Polishes - Soak-off convenience with rich color/glitter, smooth application and 21+ day wear. Use over any LE structure gel or acrylic.

ButterCream - Achieve detailed nail art or thin color overlays from one dynamic, hard gel color formula. Apply over any finish filed LE structure gel or acrylic.

LE Color and Glitter Gels - Add additional strength and color or glitter with hard gel durability. Use over any LE structure gel or acrylic. Do note, LE Colors and Glitters can add some additional thickness to the nail, so consider this when shaping your structure. 

Lastly, which LE Top Coat should you use?
Super Shiny – Use over LE Color and Glitter Gels, ButterCreams or any hard gel for an extremely shiny finish and stain-resistant wear

Flat Matte – Use over LE Color and Glitter Gels, ButterCreams or any hard gel for a chalky, matte finish

Top Gloss – Use over LE Color and Glitter Gels, ButterCreams or any hard gel for an easy, no-wipe shine

P+ Top Coat – Use over P+ Gel Polish or JimmyGel for a shiny finish with 21+ day wear that is soakable

We hope this helps you navigate the LE product line! If you have any further questions, never hesitate to reach out to LEHQ or your local LE Distributor with questions! 

For our visual learners, check out this in-depth video by Celina Ryden explaining the entire LE product line!

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