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Step-by-Step Scientist Nail Art by @Taryns.Nails

Step-by-Step Scientist Nail Art by @Taryns.Nails

Learn how to create this fun and cute scientist design in a few easy steps!


1. Start by painting the nail with Polymer Pal ButterCream⁣

2. Use Shore Thing ButterCream and a Block Brush to paint the head and hand. Use Just White ButterCream to paint the lab coat and Isn't it Ionic? ButterCream for the shirt.⁣

4. Then paint the hair and mustache using Just White ButterCream. Use Isn't It Ionic? ButterCream to paint the glasses, and I’m Cured ButterCream to paint the lip. To create a potion for his flask, use Positively Charged ButterCream. Then color in half of his glasses with Just White ButterCream to give him eyes and eyelids.⁣

6. Using a Stripy Brush, outline everything in Black Tie ButterCream to create all the little details like the fingers, flask and hairs⁣

7. Finish with Flat Matte and there you have a cute little Einstein!


Shopping List
Polymer Pal ButterCream
Isn't It Ionic? ButterCream
I'm Cured ButterCream
Positively Charged ButterCream
Shore Thing ButterCream
Just White ButterCream
Stripy Brush
Block Brush
#6 Gel Polish Bling Brush
Flat Matte Top Coat

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