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Feeling Peachy? These Spring Looks Are Just Too Cute!

Feeling Peachy? These Spring Looks Are Just Too Cute!

Spring is just around the corner and Light Elegance has launched its brand NEW Spring 2022 Farmers Market ButterCream collection just in-time for you to stock your salon with 6 new on-trend colors that are perfect for trendy spring nail looks!

Farmers Market is fresh, fun and full of springtime energy—all while presenting a complementary palette that is both wearable and chic.

Light Elegance Educators and Brand Ambassadors are once again setting new trends for the spring-time season with these darling nail art looks that just sing spring! 

Inspired by the bright and fun colors of the new Farmers Market ButterCream collection, Brand Ambassador Lori Virden designs a fresh set that is just peachy!

Get inspired with more looks from Lori on instagram @loriloo24


  1. Using Going Organic ButterCream, paint the whole nail as your base.
  2. With a #2 Bling Stylus, make a medium size circle for your orange with Farm Fresh ButterCream.
  3. Using Meet at the Market ButterCream and your Bling Stylus, make an upside down rounded triangle for your strawberry.
  4. Mixing Meet at the Market and Farm Fresh, make a round heart shape for your peach.
  5. Using the LE Stripy Brush make the stems with Chemical Imbalance and Veggies and Vines. Using the same brush, use Going Organic to highlight your fruit.
  6. Lastly, use Locally Grown and your dotting tool to create small dots and randomly apply My Masterpiece Glitter Gel sparingly. Then use Flat Matte Top Coat.

The juicy, fruity and fun looks don't stop there! LE Educator, Ashley Biasella has painted a realistic fruit set that makes you want to stroll your local Farmers Market and snack on something sweet!

Get inspired with more looks from Ashley on instagram @badash_nails


1. Using Swirly apply one coat of Meet at the Market ButterCream in the shape of a peach. Cure

2. Using Swirly and Farm Fresh ButterCream, apply some shading and detail to the peach, blend lightly. Cure

3. Using Swirly apply Cherry Picked ButterCream around the edges and most shadow areas of the peach. Lightly blend. Cure

4. Using Swirly and Going Organic ButterCream to highlight the highest part of the peach. Lightly blend. Cure

5. Using Swirly and Primary Green Gel Paint create the leaves on top. Cure

6. Using Swirly and Veggies & Vines ButterCream add highlights to the leaves. Cure

7. Using shorty and Black Gel Paint shade in the darker areas of the leaves. Cure

8. Apply Flat Matte Top Coat cure and cleanse

Farmers Market is inspired by a plethora of colors, intoxicating smells, tastes and fresh offerings local markets provide.  The six new shades mirror the variety of the market by presenting lush colors ranging from bright and energetic to earthy and neutral, making it easy for nail professionals to create looks that harness all the beauty of Spring.

No matter what your client craves, we have it in this on-trend collection, so grab your Farmers Market collection shades today and join us in the market of color and creativity!

For more nail art looks and step-by-step designs, click here!
Shop the NEW Farmers Market ButterCream collection today and check out the latest reveal videos for close-up color swatching!

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