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Being a Nail Technician IS a REAL Job! | By Elaine Watson, LE's Global Education Director

Being a Nail Technician IS a REAL Job! | By Elaine Watson, LE's Global Education Director

Being a Nail Technician IS a REAL Job! 

Hey there, fellow nail professionals and enthusiasts! I'm Elaine Watson, thrilled to share my journey with you. This is my first Light Elegance Blog, and for those of you who might not know, I recently joined the team as the Global Education Director. So, it would be great to kick things off by giving you a glimpse into my story. But since I hate inflated egos, I'll keep it real and hope my experiences inspire you to reach for the stars in your career.

Hailing from the beautiful state of Maine, I've always been surrounded by the extraordinary, thanks to the unwavering love of my incredible parents. Growing up, I was all about sports and dreamed of using my athletic prowess to pave my way through college. But as fate would have it, my passion for sports gradually gave way to an even bigger love - the captivating world of artificial nails.

While still in High School, my sister attended Cosmetology School. I became my sister's canvas, honing her nail skills while igniting my nail fire. When I told my parents I would skip college (they were disappointed) and go to nail school, I was told by my father, “Do the full Cosmetology Course, or you will starve as a Nail Technician.” In 1994, I took a leap of faith and obtained my nail tech license, which I'm proud to say I still hold to this day.

The unexpected move of my father into the beauty industry marked a transformative moment for my family, propelling us into an exciting and dynamic journey within the world of nails and hair. My career evolved from being a business owner to include becoming an educator, eventually leading me to travel the globe as an International Educator. This is when I overheard my dad (now a cosmetologist) tell his client that he should have gone into the nail business. YES! Then, a gold opportunity to move to California presented itself. The bold decision to leave Maine for Los Angeles was initially a scary adventure, but it opened more opportunities than I could have imagined.

My globetrotting adventures allowed me to share my expertise with professionals worldwide. It became my mission to empower women all over the globe with a skilled trade doing nails. My career also enabled me to take on incredible roles such as being a lead artist in a New York Fashion Week team and even serving as a judge on the TV show Nailed It on the Oxygen Network. These experiences still bring a smile to my face today.

Working with celebrities such as Rihanna, Serena Williams, and many others has been a true honor, allowing me to showcase my skills and passion on the grand stage of Hollywood and beyond. I've had the incredible opportunity to grace countless covers of top magazines, leaving a mark as the first and only nail technician to feature on both Nails and NailPro Magazine covers in the same month.

Throughout my journey, I've always held onto a playful spirit and an unwavering determination to reach for the stars. And now, as I begin this exciting new chapter with Light Elegance, I can't wait to inspire and motivate each one of you, my fellow nail professionals, to dream big, set audacious goals, and make your mark in this vibrant industry. If I can help inspire or help you achieve those dreams, my next goal will be complete. And guess what, as a nail professional, the only starving part of me was for more and more knowledge. My nail career has afforded me a pretty amazing lifestyle. It’s a good thing I didn’t listen to my father. Don’t listen to any negative voices about your choice to join this amazing career.

So, here's to chasing your dreams, embracing the unexpected, and painting your own colorful journey in the world of nails. Trust me, the adventure is just beginning, and the possibilities are endless!

Catch you soon, my nail aficionados!
Elaine 🌟

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